The Sutter Creek Chronicles
A Love Story
by JoAnn Levy

"The mysteries of love at first sight, coincidence, intuition, fate, death, and life itself form the heart of this sprightly novel, set in California's Sierra Nevada foothills where the Gold Rush got its impetus. JoAnn Levy's considerable knowledge of early California history is deftly embedded in two parallel stories, each set in different time periods."

-Elaine Zorbas, Amazon Reviewer

A New Orleans psychic and a good day in the stock market lead computer whiz Julia Mooney to the little town of Sutter Creek, where, in a fog of compulsion, she buys an old house she doesn't need, for reasons she doesn't understand. The quaint community, with its Duck Races and rodeo, its haunting Memorial Day services, its Italian parade and eccentric expatriates from metropolitan life, gradually draws Julia ever more tightly into life in Sutter Creek—past and present. Is it chance—or destiny—that leads to the discovery of what lies mysteriously hidden within the old house? Is coincidence and intuition but a juxtaposition of things not seen, nor understood, but inevitable—like love that, despite time and circumstance, will not be denied?

Note from the author:
This is a work of fiction, a flight of imagination. Its events and characters exist only on these pages, and any resemblance to persons living or passed on to the world to come, is simply coincidental. Well, mostly coincidental. For the story's genesis I am indebted to Mara French, who knocked on my door fifteen years ago, and told me how the predictions of a New Orleans psychic brought her to Sutter Creek. I was so entranced by the story I thought it must have significance for someone and thus I told and retold it to friend after friend, all of whom found it fascinating but none of whom found it personally meaningful. I was convinced the story must be meant for someone, and eventually concluded I was that someone. I asked myself, Why would a psychic predict a woman would buy a house, with a specific description, in a specific location? Why? Imagination launches itself on this simple question: "Why?"

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