Click on any subject name in the above picture

But I want to know more about just who Ol' Saline is !

All right, click on Saline's nose or mouth and see if he'll tell you about himself

Picture above showing Ol' Saline on his IH scooter, along with the big boys at Tulare 2004

!!!!! Help !!!!! !!!!! Help !!!!! !!!!! Help !!!!!

Urgent business! We are attempting to keep access open to the Sweetwater Mountain area in Eastern California. Click on this text to access our web site devoted to that project.

Does Saline have a wife?

Show me a picture of Saline's wife ,Chuckawalla, on a trip

Great Photo of gang at NW Binder Roundup 2001

 Great Picture of Lion's Back in Moab and Man's Best Friend

Photo of Saline and Chuckawalla when they were a lot younger and skinnier with the big 1210

2004 Christmas Card Front and Inside

Photos of Buffalo Springfield Roller and Holt crawler tractors from
the Great Western Binder Bee at the Western Antique Powerlands July, 2005 

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